Gauge Training and API-U

  • April 5, 2019 – API-U Gauge Training thread inspection courses are all approved. API-U is the university arm of the American Petroleum Institute.
  • Gauge Training begins offering Tubing & Casing course, Rotary Shouldered Course and Combined Course.
  • First and only API accredited thread inspection courses worldwide.

Student Certificate

  • All students receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the eight-hour thread inspection training course.
  • Each respective certificate holds a validity of two years. 
  • All certificates are signed by an API certified instructor. 

Personalized Thread Inspector ID card

  • All students who receive an 80%+ on their final examination will be awarded a personalized API accredited thread inspector ID card.   
  • This card will also have your Student ID which can be used to track student records with Gauge Training and API.
  • Each passing student will also be listed on Gauge Training’s “Find an inspector” page on their website.

Facility Achievement Award

  • Recognizes the awarded facility as an API Accredited Thread Inspection Facility.
  • Any facility can qualify for our Facility Achievement Award by having 90%+ of their machinists, QC and inspectors accredited through our program.
  • The plaque should be prominently displayed next to your API monograms.
  • Show companies you can both thread connections and correctly measure the threads as well.

Coming Soon!

GaugeTraining will be launching a mobile APP to help you access important information.  This app will provide access to the important class materials you covered in your training as well as provide your certification information.

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