Whereas Gauge Training Inc (GT) operates as
a service based company providing technical
training services to individuals, these terms
and conditions shall govern business
relationships and notice is made regarding
GT offers technical training in the field of
thread gauging for casing, tubing and drill
pipe connections to specifications
established by the industry for such purpose.
This training is approved and authorized by
API-U, a division of the American Petroleum
Institute. GT charges a set fee for instruction
in a classroom environment utilizing a “hands
on” approach for interaction with actual
equipment in common use. The contract
between the individual or other entity is
specific to the providing of proper training,
the testing of the individual for retention and
the certification that the individual has
successfully completed the course. Online
courses are covered by these terms &
conditions as well.
The cost of service is a set amount in the
currency of the country in which the training
is provided or in United States dollars as
indicated in the contract. Payment for
services is required in advance. Courses have
a duration of one full business day of eight (8)
hours with a one hour break for lunch.
Courses are conducted at a GT provided
facility or at an alternate location as
necessary. All appropriate course materials
are provided by GT.
It is intended that at some point GT will offer
a “combined course” that will incorporate
multiple disciplines and will be conducted
over two days in a twelve (12) hour format.
Courses are available on a schedule to be set
by GT and as published on the GT website
(www.gaugetraining.com) or otherwise as
notified. Individuals can schedule
participation up to the day before a class is
conducted, provided space is available. In the
event classes must be postponed, GT will
provide at least forty-eight (48) hour notice
via email, text, phone or other method. There
is no penalty to the client if a class is cancelled
and GT will reschedule the individual at their
convenience and in a timely manner.
The individual my reschedule a class by
providing GT up to three (3) business days’
notice before the scheduled class without
penalty. Rescheduling of a class within the
three day window may result in a penalty of
twenty (20) percent of the cost of the class
unless waived by GT at their discretion. The
intent is to make classes available and to
accommodate the participants scheduling

Cancellation of a class can be made up to five
(5) business days without penalty. Within five
(5) business days of a scheduled class a
cancellation will result in a penalty of twenty
(20) percent of the class fee. Balances shall be
“returned in kind” or applied as a credit to a
future class as the participant wishes.
4. Payment:
Payment is required in advance of
participation in the class without exception as
services rendered are not subject to return or
revocation. Verification of payment must be
acknowledged before the individual can
attend the scheduled class. Verification of
payment will be made by GT no later than
twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the class
GT accepts credit cards for payment of class
fees. Currently the following credit cards are
accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American
Express, Discovery. Payment by credit card is
considered confirmed when authorized by
the issuing company. Use of an authorized
credit card for payment will entail the
application of the designated credit card fee
to the individuals account. These payment
fees are imposed by the credit card
companies as a percentage of the amount of
the payment and vary with the provider.
Debit cards are accepted for payment of
course fees from authorized banks without
fees applied. Payment by debit card is
considered confirmed when authorized by
the issuing company Payments can also be
made by personal or company check.
Verification of payment by check may take
several days and the individual or company
must provide payment by check at least three
(3) business days prior to the scheduled class
to allow for proper verification.
GT certifies individuals to API-U accreditation
under license and authorization provided to
us under contract with API-U and under
guidelines established by API-U under
contract with GT. A royalty is paid to API-U for
every certification provided by GT and API-U is
notified as to the identity of the individual
being certified, the date of certification and
the expiration of the certification.
To qualify for certification, the individual must
complete the full class and pass a written
examination to prove the information
provided in the class has been properly
understood and retained. The examination
consists of conducting twenty separate
measurements on thread forms and reporting
results on a score sheet. The maximum
possible score is one hundred (100) with a
value of five (5) points for each of the twenty
(20) questions/measurements.

A passing score of at least seventy five (75)
points is required. The participant will be
provided with their score on request, but
otherwise will be notified only of a pass/fail
condition. The test data will be retained by GT
in the individual’s confidential personal file for
confidentially purposes.
GT certifies the individual completing the class
by the awarding of a “Certification Thread
Inspector” card valid for a period of two (2)
years from the successful completion of the
class. The participant is also supplied with a
“Certificate of Completion” on paper in an
eight (8) by eleven and a half (11.5) format for
filing or display.
Those individuals not passing the examination
will receive a “Notice of Attendance” only.
They will be offered an opportunity to attend
a follow up class at a reduced cost of fifty
(50%) of the normal class rate and permitted
to take the examination a second time. Only
one opportunity for a “makeup” class and
second examination will be permitted.
The GT certification is public notice that the
individual has been provided authorized
instruction and has successfully completed
the course and passed the examination. The
certification does NOT approve, authorize or
certify the individual as qualified for any
specific employment position or task and is
not an accreditation of performance or
competence for any given trade, job or work
Neither GT nor API-U assumes any liability for
the actions or activities of the individuals who
attend and/or complete our classes. No
individual certified as successfully completing
our classes my speak on behalf of GT or API-U,
bind GT or API-U in any way or manner nor
hold out to any 3rd party any affiliation or
connection with GT or API-U.
No individual or company is permitted to
transfer, sell, reproduce, copy or otherwise
manipulate information and class contents to
any person or entity without the express
written permission of GT or API-U. No
individual can in any way hold out that they
represent GT or API-U in any fashion or
manner without the express formal
authorization form GT or API-U.
GT is solely responsible for the content of the
classes, their organization and presentation
and does not allow any dissemination by any
individual or entity of this data without formal
written approval. GT makes no promises,
pronouncements or other
warrantees/guarantees beyond those
included in the technical aspects of the
information provided that makes up the
content of the classes.

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