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The Online course options are for classes that can be accessed through the Gauge Training website. These classes can be taken on any computer with an internet connection once each participant has purchased access to the course. Each individual participant will be given a user login name and password to access the selected course. All course offerings available: Tubing & Casing, Rotary Shouldered and Combined course. Only one certificate of completion per user login can be obtained. In order to receive a certificate of completion, each participant must pass all mini quizzes at the end of each individual section followed by the final test at the end of the online course. In order to pass, they must receive an 80% on each quiz as well as the final test. In order to receive a full thread inspector ID card, each participant must complete an in-person hands-on measurement final test. Each hands-on test will consist of measuring all covered individual thread elements on two internal and two external connections. Each participant will have ninety minutes to complete their final hands-on measurement test. All final tests will be checked against an answer key and graded accordingly. In order to pass the final hands-on test, each participant must score above an 80%. Upon successful completion, each participant will receive their thread inspector ID card to accompany their certificate of completion for the online course. 

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