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In-House: The In-house course options are for classes being held at the GT Training Center located on the northside of Houston, Texas (unless otherwise specified). Each course consists of one full day of training to include a PowerPoint presentation and hands-on training with a variety of gauges on sample parts. Upon completion of the PowerPoint presentation, each class participant will complete a final hands-on examination. The examination will consist of measuring all covered individual thread elements on two internal and two external connections. There are two options for the In-House training: Open enrollment classes or Dedicated classes Click on the images below to get more information about scheduling a training class.

Tubing and casing

Open enrollmentclasses are available to the public, on a first-come first-serve basis until the maximum class size (10) has been met. The class is to be held at the GT Training Center located at 14340 Torrey Chase Blvd, Houston, TX 77014. These classes will be pre-scheduled by GT and available on GT’s online course calendar. A minimum of three class participants must be confirmed a week before the date to officially schedule the class date. If this minimum is not met, the class date may be moved to a later date per GT’s discretion. If rescheduled, a GT trainer will inform all class participants of the change and the new course dates. All course options available: Tubing & Casing, Rotary Shouldered and Combined course.  

Dedicated classesare classes that have been scheduled by a specific company and are not open to the public. These classes are held at the GT Training Center located at 14340 Torrey Chase Blvd, Houston, TX 77014. A company that books a dedicated class may have up to 10 participants per dedicated class. The class must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance to ensure class date is available. Once the dedicated class has been confirmed, you can find it located on GT’s online course calendar. All course options available: Tubing & Casing, Rotary Shouldered and Combined course. 

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