Gauge Training Inc. Has partnered with API-U to offer the first ever API accredited thread inspection courses for both rotary shouldered and tubing & casing connections. As we continue to standardize API thread inspection across the industry, we are proud to announce our new “GT Inspection Plaque Program”. This program is designed to recognize inspection facilities that are at the forefront of quality and inspection services.

In order to qualify for a GT inspection plaque for your location, you must have 90% of your machinists, inspectors and quality personnel accredited through our API-U accredited thread inspection courses.  This applies only to our main in-person thread inspection courses, not the online courses. To verify your location has met the 90% threshold, we must have a letter from your HR department listing the total number of machinists, inspectors and quality control personnel at your location. Upon confirming your location has met the 90% threshold, you will be awarded your personalized GT Facility Achievement Plaque. Once the plaque is awarded, you must notify Gauge Training Inc. of any new hires in the above-mentioned positions to ensure the 90% threshold is still met. 





Contact us today at for information about our courses and qualifying for your plaque!! 

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