Gauge Training Inc. (GT) is an API licensed provider of approved training services and is required to maintain a detailed and up to date documentation program to report and record student records on all participants.

GT maintains records for retrieval of accreditation documents and inspector identifications cards in the event of their loss and destruction and supplies replacement copies to individuals and companies on request and without charge. Should you require a replacement document, please contact your authorized GT representative as needed.


Student Registration Form

Full student contact record

Standard class NDA agreement

Student authorized identification photo

Written examination report with results

Submitted hands-on performance examination with results

API required class feedback form (originals sent to API-U)

Special records as available

Our secure storage system retains records for a period of ten years for original paper records and indefinitely for electronic records and backup records. Further, we list all successful accredited students on our “Find an Inspector” page on the GT website. Additionally, all candidates successfully completing our courses are reported to API-U for listing as an accredited inspector on the API site as well.

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