Gauge Training and API-U

  • Each Gauge training course is approved by API-U. The education arm of the American Petroleum Institute.
  • Gauge TGraining is the 61st approved training provider for API-U
  • 1st API-U approved thread inspection courses world wide.

Individuals completing gauge training courses.

  • Certification Thread Inspector awarded for successful course completion
  • Certification for two full years form completion of class.
  • Approved by API under authority of API-U.

ID Card

Certification will also provide you with a Photo ID card identifying which certifications you have received as well as the active dates for your registration.  

This card will also have your Student ID which will be necessary to access our GaugeTraining APP in the future.

Coming Soon!

GaugeTraining will be launching a mobile APP to help you access important information.  This app will provide access to the important class materials you covered in your training as well as provide your certification information.

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