Mission Statement

Gauge Training Inc. aims to create and teach courses that are valid to the Metrology and gauging industry to improve the knowledge of end users and quality professionals worldwide. Seek greater knowledge at all times to better be a resource to our customers and our peers. Manage a company that upholds traditional American ideals and pushes forward the quality of life for all involved.

Online Courses Available!

On-Site Training Courses

For the company that is looking to bring all there inspectors up to speed with the proper gauging techniques and procedures. Onsite training offers a flexible on location training that includes benefits of our in house training with a focus on your applications.
Let our instructors come to you!

Remote Training Courses

For the company that doesn’t want to stop production to train your inspectors, we now have online courses available. Review the information on your own time, then set up a personal in-person exam to receive your full certification.

In-House Training Courses

Courses held at our Houston based training center. These classes are meant for inspection professionals and small businesses! Classes are held regularly. 
When you attend one of our courses you will receive all the training materials, lunch and a certificate upon completion. Become a certified thread inspector today!


Gauge Training Inc. goal is to offer our students a safe and healthy work environment. Do to current health concerns Gauge Training has implemented new health and safety requirements. All tools and equipment are now cleaned with a general disinfectant between each class. 

Founded in June of 2017, Gauge Training LLC first courses were focused on providing certified training on
measuring API Tubing & Casing and Rotary Shouldered Connection thread forms as mandated by API Specifications 5B, 7-2 and RP 7G-2. 

New courses are scheduled to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Letter From C.E.O. 2020

Dear Valued Students

Gauge Training Inc is very pleased to be kicking off our technical training program with the commencement of our first scheduled classes this September. Our initial training program is scheduled for Sep-Oct-Nov of this year before full time classes in multiple locations begins in January of 2010. Thank you for being a part of our early programs where we will refine and improve our class programs with you valuable feedback and comments.                                                                                             …Read More

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Connor O'Boyle

14340 Torrey Chase Blvd. Suite 370

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